Thank you for trusting me with your hair.

I hope you love your new look...

...and that you had a great experience in my chair. Working with a new stylist is never easy and I am so happy you chose me.


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So what's next...

... This is always the question! And I have answers!

When should I re-book?
If you are maintaining length        4-8 weeks
If you want to grow length             12-18 weeks

Roots only (grey coverage)              4-6 weeks
Roots only (No grey coverage)       10-15 weeks
Highlights or babylights                  8-16 weeks
Balayage                                              12-16 weeks
Toners/gloss/drop roots       In between service
                           (6 weeks from original service)
Express                                                 6-12 weeks
                          (Or in between services)
What do I book for next time?
Our plans will change as your hair needs change. I always suggest booking for the same service twice for timing purposes but you can always email me if you are unsure.

What if I am unhappy with my results?
Your happiness with your hair is my top priority. Should you have an issue with your results, simply let me know within 7 days of the initial service and I will take a look and discuss ways to correct the issue at no additional charge.

How do I keep this hair party going?
Signing up for my emails is a great way to stay up to date! For hair tutorials, inspiration for future appointments, hair hacks, tips and tricks and so much more you can follow me on social! 


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Make sure to tell them...

...Meg sent you. I love supporting local small businesses like mine. Click on the business to learn more about them.
Awakenings Coffee 
This is where I love to get my coffee headed into work. They have amazing ham & cheese croissants and "The Rage" is a must.

Peace love & little donuts
This place has to be one of the coolest places in Hyde Park. They are the kindest people and the little donuts are AMAZING!

Leeli Lou
This little boutique is right across the street from the salon and has the cutest clothing! A absolute must for you to check out.