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The following info is everything you need to know.
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So what's next...

The following info is to be reviewed before you come in! 

The week of your appointment...

you will receive confirmation of your appointment! If you do not get this, email me to verify.

Where to find me....

I am located at Salon Two:Thirteen in the Hyde Park Square at 2729 Erie Ave. Cincinnati Ohio 45208. Sometimes we can be a little hard to find! We are located right next door to the fire station. Parking can be a bit tricky here in the square. Majority of our parking is street and metered parking.  I highly recommend downloading the -CincyEZ Park app to your phone. It makes the metered parking so much easier and additional time needed can be added directly from your phone. An old school roll of quarters works just as well. There is a public pay lot near the salon on Edwards road just between E+O Restaurant and DIGS. You will always find free parking 2 blocks in any direction from the square. It is a short, beautiful walk to the salon and my preferred method.

When you arrive....

go ahead and come on in! Have your facial covering. If you need one I may have a disposable for ya. 

We will start your visit with consulting to be sure we are totally on the same page. We will discuss your goals now and for the future. 

I will go mix up the magic and have you fill out my intake form! Then we will get started! 

*I love educating other stylists and often work with an assistant. 


Before you leave...

I will do my very best to answer all your burning hair questions, so bring me a list! I will share with you some of my secret hair tips and tricks and fill you in on products that will help you recreate the looks I do in salon! We will then check out and I'll snag a couple of photos of your new look. 

After you leave the salon...

I won't leave ya hangin'! You will get just one more follow up email from me with a secret link to a hidden page on my website just for those who have had an appointment with me. It will give you follow up instructions, future booking info, access to my hair quiz and so much more!

In the meantime....

You can find all of my services and prices listed on the homepage of my website: megandres.com 

All prices listed are starting price points and pricing may shift based on the plan we create together.

The best way to reach me is by email at megandreshair@gmail.com. By downloading the – Vagaro App- onto your phone and creating a user-name and password; you can book, reschedule, and see appointment updates right from your phone 24 hours a day. I’d be happy to walk you through this process during your visit.

How do I keep this hair party going?

Signing up for my emails is a great way to stay up to date! For hair tutorials, inspiration for future appointments, hair hacks, tips and tricks and so much more you can follow me on social! 


                                      X.O MEG

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