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Self love is


"The self-love philosophy promises that if you can look inward and can find a way to love what you see, you will find peace..."


Take a peek inside

this interactive devotional. This is made to do on your own time as fast or as slow as you want. I suggest taking it slow. 

I have made it no secret that I am a Christian....

But I gotta tell ya, now-a-days claiming that makes you seem like a total bigot and completely insane. But I, my friend am just the same as you. There is nothing that makes me better or more worthy of love than you. 

I struggle with loving myself, finding value in myself, and seeing my worth. whether you believe in God or not, I am sure maybe you have struggled with the same feelings.

Have you tried the "self love" strategies? You know the ones...

having your hair done ( I mean obviously I love this one. )

speaking positive affirmations, putting yourself first, accepting your flaws, mantra's, seeking your own validation....

How is it all going for you? For me, I have still felt a little empty. All of these practices are amazing! (seriously keep getting your hair done), but what if there is more. What if I had the secret to truly loving who you were created to be, to actually live a life free from feeling unworthy?

A devotional that challenges the self love movement. 

The first interactive devotion on self love.

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