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What's Next? 

Am I the only one that asks myself this? It's not something I do monthly or even daily. It's a minute by minute overhaul in the brain. Like taking a small glass and dumping the entire ocean inside, but inevitably only a small portion of the water is able to be carried away in that glass. The rest? Left poured out and wasted all over the ground.

Throughout my days my brain is pouring out idea after idea. My "what's next?" is a constant. When it comes to my home... I look around and decide to paint a room... And then I think what next? How can I elevate this?... New couch? Accent plants? Throw rug?

With my business.. I can stand in the doorway and invision how it will look 10 years from now. I see the furniture, I see the stylists, I see the clients, and my first thought? What's next? How do I get there today?

At home... This is a tough one. How can I be the best wife? The best mom? And there the ocean pours into a tiny glass. And with all the things that scatter the floor that wouldn't possibly fit in that tiny glass...comes guilt, disappointment, and feelings of failure when every "what next?" idea doesn't come to fruition. It's impossible to get it all done today. But not impossible to prioritize and get it all done in the right time.

I have always been a level up kind of gal... I'm sure there are some deeply rooted, something from my childhood, probably trauma, reason for this. But whatever the case, it's not always a bad thing. I love to dream big and I dare to make wonderful things happen. So how do we as "what's next?" people manage the ocean when all we have is a small glass?

I started doing my big ole' brain dump. I used to do if every month. But now it's a weekly thing! This is a way for me to get all my ideas on paper then prioritize. Decide what is important now and what can hold off until a later time.

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I am so excited to connect with like minded people. Shoot me a message and let me know how it's going for you. Let's make big things happen!

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