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Let's not get it twisted... I am totally a gal for prayer. . . But how many times have you told someone of a tough circumstance for them to tell you to "just pray about it"? I've been told this 100 times over and while I am a firm believer in prayer action on our part is still totally necessary! If the struggle is so real... acknowledge the pain, the confusion, the worry, the fear, and then pivot. What I mean is, pivot your thoughts on the situation, the way you speak of it, the power you give it. After you process the pain, the confusion, the worry and fear.. then take one tiny step with one foot into a different direction. Maybe this is believing that prayer works... Or maybe it's reminding yourself who you are, maybe it's practicing self discipline, or maybe it's just making a lifestyle change, a change in someone you spend time with who is toxic. Make a small pivot in your current position. Because one small pivot can change your direction completely. đź‘Ł