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Only choose one. 

Let's keep it real, I always believed to be a good mom you couldn't have a career, and to have a successful career you couldn't deal with children.

To any women I said this to... My deepest apologies. I was very very wrong. But let's preface this with how incredibly difficult being a working mama is.

In all things I've had this psychological thing that seems to make me what to "be the best". Or put another way, never stay put, never settle for just ok. So when it came to work, if I was working in a store I couldn't just be the floor worker. I had to strive for manager.. or own the whole freaking store. When I became a parent I had to stay home and give it my 100%. I had to do homeschooling, do the mommy blog, find all the best play areas etc. And given the opportunity, talking to a "working mom" I would proudly say "I love being home, I'd never choose anything else, I want to be the best mom so I need to give my kids all my time."

Umm excuse me.. how rude? Reality "I am a terrible mother, I am so tired, all I do is yell, being with the kids ALL the time is messing with my brain. . . Sometimes I just want to leave and not come back... I am so overwhelmed... Maybe I wasn't made to be a mother at all."

I discovered, that for me to be the best mom I could be. I needed a break. Now this isn't to say everyone is just like me. Some Mama's do stay home and crush it. But for me, I needed to work. But I felt like this stigma that you could only choose one had sunk so deep into my soul, there was no possibility of being a good mama and going back.

But I did it anyway. I'll be the first to say I fail my kids daily. But I have found that patience, persistence and love came much easier when I could go be with civilization and none of my conversations included the word "why" 1400 times. I also finally discovered not only was it my purpose to raise these beautiful babies, but it was for them too see me fulfill the purpose the Lord Jesus gave me, and that was to spread His love and kindness to others.

Of course I didn't change how I do things... So when I decided to go back to work doing hair, I didn't just find a place to work... I found a salon to own. I have figured it out though. In all things I want to be a leader. I want those around me to see all the potential they have and grow exponentially. The good Lord made each of us for so much more. If you're a working mama, more power to you! Make your work dreams a priority and crush them and then cuddle those babies and know that you being the best YOU will be the best thing for them. I believe the good Lord did create me to be a mama... A very hard 'working mama". And I intend to believe this and do my very best with the blessings I have both in my home and my business.