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Create or Cease

These are your options. Do what you love, create something beautiful, or stop it all because of what someone thinks of you... Or the fear of what they think.

"What they think about you is none of your business". -Rachel Hollis (Girl, wash your face.) @msrachelhollis

🌱Simple and true. What matters is that you were created for more than worry, for more than fear, for more than crossing someone's lane to fuel their opinion of you. 🌱 Whatever your talent, your gift, that thing you do just because it makes you happy... Keep doing that! Even if "they think it's crazy" "it's a waste of time" "you are better at other things" .... Everyone will have an opinion and it isn't your business nor is it your job to change it.

Don't stop gifting the world of your gifts and talents. The world needs exactly who you were made to be.