After spending an 11 year career creating beautiful heads of hair & building beautiful relationships, I am now expanding to help other stylists build an amazing business.


What can I do for you?

Making Big Things Happen


"The world needs who you were made to be."

What's happening behind my chair?

I will be headed back from maternity leave on May 23rd. Watch your email for an update on my return!

All blonding services now start at $175 If you have gotten babylights, balayage, or highlights in the past, your service is now called "foil work". My Express foil will now be $150.

My schedule is changing! Beginning may 23rd:
Monday’s 1pm-8pm.


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Let's shake up the beauty industry!

(Stylist Edition)

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Join my tribe of amazing stylists!


Everyday our industry changes. There is a million and one things to do to get new guests, retain them, and still take care of all of our marketing, planning, education, exceptional guest experience and more all the while trying to stand out in a sea of thousands of amazing stylists.

You don't need another "10 ways to get more followers." You need a partner who has been there and can deliver you a plan.

You already have great ideas, you are talented, and you love people. But sometimes organizing everything, optimizing your marketing efforts, driving traffic to your chair, and coming up with new creative ways to stand out is just plain exhausting. All of those things are needed in order to actually make great money behind your chair and not work yourself to death. There is an easier way!

You and I partner together for monthly meetings. We hash out the stuff that you struggle with, go over all your business and personal goals, and then we take action. Knowing what to do & where to start is the hard part. I will create all the plans and strategies and hand you the framework, to-do lists, and new ideas right on a silver platter. 

What I offer for stylists:


Consult                            $0
Business Analysis            $35
1 hour session                  $45
2 hour session                 $90


Build your brand          $30
Content Batching         $30
22 Marketing Calendar $20
Quarterly Business Planner                                          $30
Target Market Guide    $30
Caption Guide              $30
Email Marketing Guide $30
Website Build Guide     $30
Client Consult Guide     $25
Business Builder           $200


Social Media Management

Social media is exhausting & requires more than just posting! I do creating, planning, engagement and more!

Weekly management   $30
(3 posts, stories, analytics)

Weekly Management    $60
(5 posts, stories, analytics)

Fast Help!

Sometimes you don't need a full on coaching session! Sometimes you need help on an immediate issue, like how to break up with a guest, or how to create quick policies and implement!

Business Solution          $35


Independent coaching sessions. In person and available online!

These are quick guides and check lists to help you. They do not require any coaching sessions!


"Hold onto your seat, lets keep it real. I never wanted

to be a hairstylist."

10 years ago I decided to go to vocational school to be a firefighter.... after much negotiating with my parents it was determined I was "too small" to do such a big job. So, I did cosmetology. 

Now having been in this industry a decade I can say that this too is a BIG job. My journey went from having a "hair job", to being totally fulfilled with the joy this industry brings me. I have found my true calling and am so happy to now do the hair I love and own an amazing salon of my own where I get to provide the best environment for other stylists to grow their businesses.

While working in my first commission salon I realized that there were not many salon's or salon owners that really taught their young stylists how to grow a solid base clientele and further more continue retaining and building a successful business. Marketing & business strategies were non-existent.

In two short years, I busted my butt to figure out how to be different in this industry. I was laughed at and mocked for some of my early ideas and strategies to grow. BUT, in those 2 years, fresh out of hair school I built a sustainable clientele and had full books. Sense then I have done this 2 others times moving locations.

My job is a super important part of my life. When I'm not in the salon you will find me swinging on the porch with sweet tea in hand and my two kiddos on my lap. My husband and I love family trips to the park and local events. He is my biggest supporter and co-owns the Salon Two:Thirteen with me. We, like most of my amazing clients, just want to do amazing things with this crazy thing called life. 

So happy to connect with you!

A Little About Me.